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Dench Music Company Overview

The founders of Dench Music are seasoned professionals who started the company with a vision of building a music production company that would set new standards for the industry.


Established in 2017, the year that brought blockchain to the forefront of business and finance, Dench Music established itself as a Dutch company with it’s offices in Laren, The Netherlands, often called the “Garden of Amsterdam”.


In addition to our offices, we also own and operate studio facilities in Amsterdam and Laren.

The company has a long term partnership agreement with CTM Music Publishing to manage our worldwide publishing.


Vision Statement

We are focused on providing top talented DJs and artists the opportunity to achieve sucess by matching them with established artists, securing their rights, and mentoring artistic and financial success worldwide.


We envision disrupting the music industry by utilizing Blockchain technology, our global network, our personal relationships with established artists, and by inspiring and mentoring new talent.


Dench Music Company Mission

Dench Music is a group of seasoned industry professionals who use their experience and skill to enable aspiring artists to develop and enhance their talent and career artistically, technically, professionally and commercially.


The music industry is still a very closed business, inaccessible to the general public. Partners, investors and artists get together and undergo a rather complicated process of fund raising and deal signing to create the amazing song we all have the pleasure of hearing on the radio or streaming through services like Spotify and YouTube. As with many industries, Blockchain technology and engineering is about to change that process.


Dench Music is creating an ecosystem where music lovers and fans from all around the globe can participate in the creation of their favorite artist’s music. Imagine being able to help finance your favorite artist’s songs and receive a share of the profits! Plays on Spotify, streams on YouTube or Vimeo; all these platforms generate income on a per-play basis. With it’s MIC token value network, Dench Music is making this a reality.